Wholesale Vintage Clothing Bulk Container Deal

Wholesale Vintage Clothing Bulk Container Deal

Vintage Wholesale Clothing Startup Pallet

Vintage Wholesale Clothing Startup Pallet

Lucky Dip Vintage Clothing Mystery Pallet


Lucky Dip - Mystery Pallet

Vintage Wholesale Clothing 

Feeling Lucky?

Try Our Lucky Dip Mystery Pallet!

Items: Vintage Clothes - New in Pack (not used)

Brands: ???

Hint: Quantities of Clothes in These Pallets are

500 Items or 1000 Items or the Jackpot!

Which is an unknown ? quantity greater than 1000 Items! WOW!

Many of these items retail for over £50!

Price £1648.00 Each Pallet Lot

Good Luck!


Availability: In stock

Dive into the thrill of the unknown with our Lucky Dip Mystery Pallet! The Vintage Wholesale Clothing Mystery Pallet is designed for those who love a good surprise; this unique offering invites you to try your luck with a mystery pallet filled with vintage clothes, all brand new in pack (unused).

The excitement doesn't stop there; with each random quantity pallet, you can uncover 500, 1000, or even the jackpot—a mystery quantity more fabulous than 1000 items! The exact brands and items remain a compelling mystery, adding an element of suspense and discovery to your purchase.

Priced at £1648.00 per pallet, every lot is randomly selected, ensuring that no two pallets are the same and each offers a bargain at a significantly low cost. Considering many of these vintage items can retail for over £50, this is an exceptional opportunity to stock up on high-value inventory at a fraction of the price.

Whether you're looking to join the ranks of vintage resellers or kickstart your online vintage clothing business, our "Lucky Dip Vintage Wholesale Clothing Mystery Pallet" offers a low-cost risk and a fantastic chance to dive into the vintage market with a bang. Don't miss out on this adventure into the world of vintage fashion—where each pallet is a mystery just waiting to be unveiled.

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