Vintage Wholesale Branded Jeans, Trousers Pallet

Vintage Wholesale Branded Jeans, Trousers Pallet

Wholesale Vintage Clothing Bulk Container Deal

Wholesale Vintage Clothing Bulk Container Deal

Vintage Wholesale Clothing Rare Y2K Stock


300 Items Per Pallet

Vintage Wholesale

Limited Rare Vintage Clothing

Men - Women

New - 90's - Early 2000's

Brands: Mostly Criminal Damage

Y2K - Punk - Goth - Hippie

Assorted Colours/Styles/Sizes

Matrix Coats - Jackets - Jeans

Parachute/Baggy Pants and more

High Retail Value 

Vintage Resellers Star Buy!

Price £9.98 Each

Availability: In stock

Dive into vintage fashion with our "Vintage Wholesale Clothing Rare Y2K Stock," featuring an exclusive collection of 300 items per pallet. This limited and rare assortment captures the essence of late 90s and early 2000s style, offering an eclectic mix for both men and women. With most pieces hailing from iconic brands like Criminal Damage, this pallet is a treasure trove of Y2K, punk, goth, and hippie fashion.

Highlighting statement pieces such as Matrix coats, stylish jackets, vintage jeans, and the ever-popular parachute/baggy pants, this collection embodies the bold and unique spirit of the era. Each item has been meticulously selected to ensure a high retail value. This makes this an exceptional find for vintage resellers looking to captivate their audience with authentic, hard-to-find Y2K apparel.

Whether you aim to enhance your boutique's vintage selection or provide your online shoppers with rare fashion gems, our "Vintage Wholesale Clothing Rare Y2K Stock" is the ultimate star buy. Seize this opportunity to own a piece of fashion history and offer your customers the chance to relive the unforgettable styles of the Y2K era.

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