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Vintage wholesale online buyers and resellers! Welcome to our vintage supply e-commerce platform, which specialises in offering an exquisite collection of vintage clothing and vintage designer clothing. Our vintage wholesale UK clothes are selected from in-demand brands to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Whether you're looking to bulk buy for your boutique or online store, we provide flexible purchasing options tailored for efficiency and convenience. Choose from small job lots for a carefully selected range, or opt for pallets, saving cost for larger bulk lots and ensuring you have a varied vintage supply to captivate your customers.
Our difference? Our vintage wholesale supply is brand new (unless stated in the description) and at liquidation prices. Dive into our nostalgia for timeless fashion, where quality meets quantity, and discover how we can elevate your vintage clothes collections.

Vintage Wholesale & Vintage Supply of Designer Clothing


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Vintage Wholesale - Job lot & Bulk Buy

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Vintage Supply - Vintage Clothing - Liquidation Wholesaler - Top Down Trading

Vintage Wholesale - Vintage Clothing Supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vintage clothing? - Vintage clothing is old fashion that dates back close to two decades or more and is the fashion of that era.

Is vintage clothing new? Vintage clothing is commonly known to be used and preloved. It is rarely found in new, unused condition. Most of the vintage supply at Top Down Trading is brand new, with tags and packaging from liquidation.

What does authentic vintage clothing mean? - It means the clothes are genuine vintage made in previous decades. Remakes of old-fashioned styles are called "retro" rather than vintage.

Is reselling vintage clothing profitable? - Yes, with vintage clothes, you can profit 10-20 times more than your cost, posing higher margins than modern clothing, considering your sales channels' research, item condition, and popularity of the styles. 

Vintage Supply - Bulk Buying - Vintage Clothing Supplier

Vintage Supply - Bulk Buying - Vintage Clothing

Vintage Wholesale: The World of Vintage Supply

In an era where fashion cycles spin faster than ever, the allure of vintage clothing stands as a testament to timelessness and sustainability. The charm of retro fashion isn't just in its aesthetic appeal but in the stories these pieces tell—a connection to the past that modern fast fashion cannot replicate. For businesses, the quest for authentic, high-quality vintage wear has led them to a golden solution: vintage wholesale buying. Among other options, choosing a vintage clothing supplier like a liquidation supplier, such as, offers many advantages that are hard to overlook. Let's look into the world of vintage wholesale, vintage supply, and bulk buying, exploring why opting for a vintage clothing supplier specialising in liquidation could be your best move in the vintage clothing arena.

Vintage Wholesale - The Advantage - Bulk Vintage

Vintage Wholesale - Sourcing Vintage Clothing

The advantage: Sourcing vintage wholesale buying offers an efficient and cost-effective solution. It's not just about acquiring stock in bulk but about tapping into a reservoir of unique collections that resonate with the essence of past decades. Vintage supply channels specialising in wholesale bring forth an expansive variety of choices, ensuring businesses can cater to diverse customer preferences without compromising authenticity or quality.

Quality and Authenticity: One of the standout benefits of purchasing vintage clothing from a liquidation supplier is the guarantee of items being new in packaging, often with original tags. This contrasts sharply with the norm in the vintage market, where pieces are typically pre-worn or used. For retailers, this means offering customers vintage items steeped in history and pristine condition, adding a premium feel to their collections.

Vintage Streetwear Supplier - Quality and Authenticity - Vintage Clothes

Liquidation Stock - Vintage Wholesaler

Unlike traditional vintage clothing suppliers, liquidation sources ensure their collections are not cherry-picked. This allows buyers access to a broader range of genuine vintage pieces, from hidden gems to iconic styles that define eras. This breadth of selection is invaluable for businesses looking to provide a rich, diverse inventory that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Another compelling reason to choose as your liquidation supplier for your vintage clothing needs is the convenience of free delivery. This logistical advantage removes a significant burden from retailers, making stocking up on vintage collections as seamless as possible. Free delivery is not just about cost savings but also efficiency and ease, allowing businesses to focus more on curating their collections and less on logistical complexities.

Liquidation Wholesaler of Branded Vintage Clothing

Branded Vintage Clothing - Competitive Pricing

Bulk buying from liquidators has the significant advantage of a low-price guarantee. Liquidation: Vintage clothing suppliers can offer vintage clothing at highly competitive prices by purchasing stock from businesses liquidating their inventory. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality but offers businesses the opportunity to enjoy higher margins or pass on savings to their customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Wholesale Vintage Sportswear - Designer Clothing Supplier

Vintage Sportswear - Designerwear - UK Supplier

Vintage Sportswear and Designer Brands: Amidst the vast sea of vintage offerings, sportswear and designer brands like vintage Nike, Champion, Timberland, and Lacoste stand out for their enduring appeal and iconic status. These brands have a quality, style, and innovation legacy, making them highly sought after in the vintage market. By bulk-buying vintage pieces from these brands, retailers can tap into a niche market of consumers who value these items' aesthetic and historical significance.

Vintage sportswear, with brands like vintage Nike and Champion, offers a unique blend of comfort, functionality, and nostalgia. These pieces evoke memories of sporting legends and historical moments and appeal to contemporary fashion trends, favouring comfort and casual style. The resurgence of 90s fashion has further fueled the demand for vintage sportswear, making it a lucrative niche for retailers.

Vintage Designer Clothing - Joblot - UK Wholesaler

Vintage Designer Brands - Bulk Buy

Designer Brands: Timeless Luxury: designer brands like Timberland and Lacoste have transcended their initial market to become staples in the vintage fashion landscape. These brands are synonymous with quality and luxury, with each piece reflecting the craftsmanship and vision of its creators. For consumers, owning a piece of vintage designer wear is akin to owning a piece of fashion history—a blend of style, quality, and exclusivity.

Vintage Wholesaler:

Vintage Wholesale with TopDownTrading

The vintage wholesale market allows businesses to enrich their collections with authentic, high-quality, and diverse vintage clothing. By choosing a liquidation supplier like us, retailers can enjoy the benefits of new-in-packaging items, a broad and unpicked selection, competitive pricing, and the convenience of free delivery. Furthermore, tapping into the market for vintage sportswear and designer brands opens up avenues for catering to niche consumer segments driven by a love for nostalgia, quality, and exclusivity. Whether you're a seasoned retailer or new to the vintage market, the advantages of vintage wholesale buying from a liquidation supplier are too compelling to ignore. Embrace the charm and allure of vintage fashion, and let your collections tell stories that resonate across generations.


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