How it Works

how it works

A hint of secrets to better understand our business model

So you’re a Retailer, Wholesaler or even a Start-up Business

Whichever size or business model you operate with,

you’re at the right place

At Top Down Trading, we supply the most current Fashion Stocks at Low Cost, suitable for every business.

Here's how we can help

We have 3 different buying options




It all depends on your volume requirements, and how quick you’re looking to turn over. So if you’re a single Retail Shop owner, you can choose to buy multiple Parcels rather than a Pallet. If you have a chain of shops or you have a high turnover, you could buy Pallets and PAY LESS.

If you’re a Wholesaler or Importer from overseas, you can choose a ready-made or get a tailor made container deal… It’s as simple as it sounds


Our Parcels are unique and designed with the concept of more styles less repeats. Parcels are probably, the best option to serve Start-ups, and small Retailers, giving them more options to make a range that suits them.

You can buy several different options of Parcels

A Ladies Dress Parcel, or a Children’s Mixed Fashion Parcel, a Men’s Shirt Parcel and more.

The idea is to continue benefitting from a low price, while avoiding the volume of repetition.

A Parcel is also a good option to see samples for bulk buyers.

Our Parcel quantities are between 100 - 500 items.


With our Pallets, you can buy a sum of goods with bigger variety while paying less. Pallets are a more common purchase for

Outlets, Multiple Retailers and Wholesalers.

As much as going for Special and Exclusively discounted offers, you can actually make an enquiry to purchase in bulk the type of stocks you favour, and customize your Pallets.

Sometimes we have huge loads of Stores Inventory Goods, and we break them down to Pallet Loads, so everyone can grab a part of it!

Our Pallet Quantities are between 1000-2000 items.


if you are an international wholesaler or retail chain, this is the must buy option for you. Whether your from Africa or Europe we have a deal to suit all global buyers. With over 21 years of experience and success we are confident that we can match quality and low price with a unique approach.

Our container quantities are between 10000 to
60000 items with 20ft or 40ft loads.

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