It all became clearer with the great recession… We actually come from a manufacturing background, but around 2008 with the recession business became very tough and there was so much surplus stock, cancellations from stores struggling.

We were offered goods from all around the globe asked to make offers, so we did. Boom! We were buying goods for the fraction of the cost. Volumes were so big, we thought to turn over quickly let’s sell them with small profits to continue buying more and we did…

Ever since we have been dealing with big volume Ex High Street Fashion, selling them at low cost, It all continued as we sold pallet and container loads from one country to another…


  • Low Price
  • Good Quality Popular Brands
  • Huge Variety (Thousands of styles)
  • Big Volume (Truck Loads)
  • Weekly New Stocks
  • 12 Months Winter/Summer Fashion
the opportunity

This is one of the most opportunistic sectors of the Fashion Industry

When you see the stocks, the bargain… You need to grab the opportunity! High end brands go so quick, most of the time it wouldn’t even make it to the website. So make sure you sign-up for our newsletter to get exclusive offers

It’s really hard not to succeed when you make the right purchase… You just need to know the demand in your market, as every market/country has different requirements.

You know what they say “You succeed when buying not selling!” When you’re buying goods less than half the price of their cost, you’re already on the journey to success

Best of luck and thank you for choosing us…