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About us

our story so you get to know us better

our story

It all became clearer with the great recession. We actually come from a manufacturing background, but around 2008 with the recession business became tough. When the market is in crisis it’s usually the manufacturers that get hit first as the stores start cancelling orders cutting down on the budget.

Therefore, with a chain reaction huge amount of stock-lots, over-makes and cancellations start appearing on offer. Well that’s how it all began for us!

We started buying huge volumes of cancellations and surplus fashion stocks for very low prices. Now we just needed to sell them for a profit! Our strategy has been slightly different than the stock market. The famous “Buy Low Sell High”wasn’t the case for us as we had to move huge volumes of stocks.

So we developed or own

“Buy Low Sell Low”!

We started exporting to dozens of countries overseas becoming a market leader in our field.

Hence our name Top (brands) Down (prices) Trading (worldwide) !

When you have high volumes of stock constantly arriving day in day out it becomes rather difficult to focus on selling very small quantities so we developed our parcel, pallet and container sale business model. Those days it wasn’t heard of and we had a job to explain each customer how it works. However, last few years it became so common online.

Oh well I guess being copied hopefully is a good sign for success!

It’s been two decades, ever since we love and continue sourcing and wholesaling high street fashion/designer brands for low prices worldwide! Hope you enjoy it too.

The Opportunity

This is one of the most opportunistic sectors of the Fashion Industry

When you see the stocks, the bargain. You need to grab the opportunity! High end brands go so quick, most of the time it wouldn’t even make it to the website.

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The Success

It’s really hard not to succeed when you make the right purchase. You just need to know the demand in your market, as every market /country has different requirements.

You know what they say

“You succeed when buying not selling!”

When you’re buying goods less than half the price of their cost, you’re already

on the journey to success

Best of luck and thank you for choosing us…



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