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A secure, Quick, profitable and pleasant overseas experience

We all know International Trade offers huge opportunities worldwide. To find fashion goods which is in high demand for the market you’re sourcing. Rewards can be fantastic

However, as in all trades experience is the key. Gaining experience in Exports can be costly, if you’re new to the trade or if you’re trying to handle all aspects yourself. You might need some help to start and some support to continue.

Here at Top Down Trading, we have over 21 years of experience dealing with International Trade. We can actually handle all of your export needs from A to Z. You don’t even need to be here

just sit back and relax… Will do the Job!

Here are a few Guidelines

Market Analysis

It’s very important that you analyse your market before exporting goods. The most successful exporters are those with the strongest analysis of their market. Your competitors, market capacity, demand levels, currency exchange fluctuations, origin-quality-price and brand of goods, logistics, custom clearance and turn over time scale… every small step along the line can make a bigger impact for your results.

With our experience, we look into; Market share, Consumer audience, most in demand products, price range, quality, style, most suitable logistics and so on… for a Secure, Quick and Profitable Turnover.

Will make sure you’re at the right place at the right time with the right products!

Purchasing Goods

From our experience over the years, most clients look for 2 things;

“The Price and The Brand!”

This can actually be very misleading, as in most countries different brands are favourable and some countries have a more niche market, making it less favourable for selling low price value goods.

While some countries value Primark or George as a cheap brand, in other countries they are the most selling winning brands.

Don’t forget at Top Down Trading we are stockists of a very wide range of UK and European brands.

Marks & Spencer | Top Shop | Asos | George | TU | New Look | F&F | Next | Debenhams DP | Wallis | Lidl | Aldi | Clarks | Boohoo | Disney | Levi’s | Diesel French Connection | Gap | Nike | Adidas | Puma | CK | Tommy Hilfiger | H&M | C&A Tom Tailor | Zara | Vera Moda | River Island | Mango | Saint Oliver and many more...

It’s not about what you like; it’s about what sells in that market. Being open-minded is a must.

We will make sure you get the right Brands and Styles with the Lowest Prices Possible.


Logistics is a crucial part of International Trade. What can be more important than your goods reaching its destination securely and on time!?

We use several Reputable Shipping Firms to securely deliver your goods to your destination Worldwide. Shipping services are not obligatory, you can use your own shippers if you’re established in trade or you prefer to do so.

However we do not profit from Logistics, and considering that we use established shippers over a decade, it might be worthwhile for us to get you a quote. We deliver Parcels, Pallets and containers to your chosen port, or direct to your door step

Europe, African Continent, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Balkans, Gulf, USA, Canada, Australia, Far East, Asia even to Fiji Islands… There is no destination too far… Will make sure your goods arrive safe and sound


The Packaging of your goods is a small but powerful step. The wrong packaging can have devastating results at the end of its journey. Goods need to be packed in a presentable way but most importantly secure way to ensure they reach their destination in the same condition.

We pack goods securely according to its destination.

The 3 Step Packaging Process

All goods packed nice and secure in poly bags

Placed in Double Wall Cartons for extra protection. All sides of cartons securely sealed.

Stacked on a pallets and Shrink Wrapped firmly.

All boxes and Pallets will contain Numbered Labels matching your Packaging List which you will be handed over before your shipment loads. You can also book an appointment before your shipment where you can inspect your goods and be present at loading if you require. We suggest first time buyers to be present on their shipping day.


We also make a photo shoot and a short video when packing and loading your container, with a final touch; your container gets sealed with a serial number that will be recorded on your documents.

Most Secure and Quality Service for peace of mind absolutely FREE!


Depending on your Exporting Country different documentation can be required. Some countries require legalising the invoice at their embassy, some require certificates and some countries have a very easy straight forward process.

The good news is, we can handle all your documentation needs, plus we can even help you with Customs Clearance. The Documents we will provide you;

The 4 Step Documentation Process





Other documents on request; Certificates of Origin, Legalised (embassy) Invoice-PK List, Brand release (paper trails) and more

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