Lucky Dip Vintage Clothing Mystery Pallet

Lucky Dip Vintage Clothing Mystery Pallet

Vintage Wholesale Clothing Startup Pallet


480 Items Per Pallet

Vintage Wholesale Clothing

Business Startup Pallet Deal

Men -Women

Y2K Vintage Clothing 

Huge Variety to Start Your Business

High Retail Value In-Demand Trend

Assorted Styles/Colours/Sizes

Includes Brands Like Nike, Champion

Criminal Damage, Puma...

Only 1 Pallet Per Customer

Price £5.98 Each 

Free UK Mainland Delivery

Great Value Star Buy!

Availability: In stock

Launch your venture into the world of vintage with our "Vintage Wholesale Clothing Startup Pallet," an extensive collection of 480 items designed to kickstart your business. This business startup pallet deal caters to men and women and features sought-after Y2K vintage clothing that taps into the current in-demand trend.

This pallet offers a wide variety of clothing, ensuring that you have a diverse and appealing inventory from the get-go. With an assortment of styles, colours, and sizes, this collection is curated to meet the varied tastes of your clientele. From casual wear to more unique statement pieces, each item has been selected to maximise the appeal of your vintage selection.

Featuring iconic brands such as Nike, Champion, Criminal Damage, Puma, Balmain, Spliffy, Paul Jones, Stuka, Diadora, Spase, Asics and more, this pallet promises high retail value and the authenticity and quality that vintage lovers seek.

This limited offer is available to only one pallet per customer, ensuring an exclusive opportunity to acquire a diverse and valuable stock. Perfect for new entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the vintage clothing market, our "Vintage Wholesale Clothing Startup Pallet" provides an excellent foundation for building a successful, trend-focused business.


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