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1100 Items Per Pallet.

Mix styles/colours.

Kids Branded Jeans

Size from 2 yrs to 8 years old.

£1.50 Each No Vat

Free delivery to UK mainland

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Wholesale Children's Branded Jeans Pallet

1100 Piece pallet

Wholesale kids branded jeans pallet.

Pants and shirts.

Mixed colours and styles for boys and girls.

Majority of the denim is Ex-Gap/Old Navy brand and you can find a few H&M or other brands.

These are factory seconds, although its new they are de-labelled from the brand owner however buttons and inner labels has brand.

Size range is from 2 yrs to 8 yrs.

Many colours (upto 10) and styles ( upto 200)-approx.

Mostly original denim tones like navy, blue, sky blue, black etc...

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