Men's Wholesale Branded Polo Shirts Joblot

Men's Wholesale Branded Polo Shirts Joblot

Celia B Wholesale Designer Boutique Clothing

Celia B Wholesale Designer Boutique Clothing

Wholesale CK Kids Polo Shirts Job Lot


100 Items Per Parcel

Kids Designer Clothing

Branded Smart Polo Shirts

Wholesale Job Lot

Brand: Calvin Klein

4 Colours as in Gallery Image

Sizes 2 yrs o 13/14 yrs

Seasonal Stock

High-in-Demand Retail Product

Limited Stock!

Price £5.48 Each


Availability: In stock

Our "Wholesale CK Kids Polo Shirts Job Lot" features 100 stylish items per parcel. This collection offers branded smart polo shirts from the renowned Calvin Klein, designed to appeal to fashionable kids and discerning parents alike.

Key Details:

Colours: The polo shirts, as depicted in the gallery image, are available in four versatile colours, making them easy to coordinate with various outfits.
Sizes: This job lot covers a broad age range, with sizes available from 2 years up to 13/14 years, ensuring a good fit for children as they grow.

Brand Recognition: Calvin Klein is a globally recognised brand that signifies quality and style, making these polo shirts desirable for consumers.
Seasonal Flexibility: These shirts are perfect as seasonal stock and ideal for the back-to-school season and upcoming spring or summer months.

High Demand: Calvin Klein kids’ apparel is often in high demand due to the brand's reputation for durability and style, ensuring these items will be a hit in your inventory.This job lot is a limited stock offering, providing retailers an excellent opportunity to capitalise on a high-demand product with significant appeal. The "Wholesale CK Kids Polo Shirts Job Lot" is ideal for boutiques and online stores.

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