Wholesale CK Kids Polo Shirts Job Lot

Wholesale CK Kids Polo Shirts Job Lot

Elena Antoniades London Pure Silk Collection

Elena Antoniades London Pure Silk Collection

Celia B Wholesale Designer Boutique Clothing


20 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Liquidation Joblot

Luxurious Boutique Clothing

Women's Designerwear

Brand: Celia B

Liquidation Overstocks New

Sizes XS-S-M-L

High-End Luxury Collection

Mostly Dresses with a few Unique Pieces

High Retail Value

Limited Exclusive Stock!

Choose From Lists 1-2

Price £58.00 Each

Availability: Out of stock

Elevate your boutique's collection with our exclusive "Celia B Wholesale Designer Boutique Clothing" job lot, featuring 20 luxurious items per parcel. This liquidation job lot presents an opportunity to stock high-end, new overstock women's designer wear from Celia B, renowned for its vibrant and eclectic designs.

Luxurious Range: This collection specialises primarily in dresses and a few unique pieces. It embodies sophistication and high fashion. Each item is crafted with exquisite attention to detail, making it a standout addition to any wardrobe. The job lot includes a range of sizes from XS to L.

High-End Luxury: Celia B is known for its distinctive aesthetic, which combines bold colours, patterns, and textures. This appeals to fashion-forward shoppers looking for unique boutique clothing. Each piece in this collection carries a high retail value, reflecting the brand's luxury status and craftsmanship.

Limited Exclusive Stock: This job lot offers limited quantities, providing exclusivity that adds value for your customers seeking unique designer garments not found everywhere.

This "Celia B Wholesale Designer Boutique Clothing" job lot is an exceptional choice for upscale boutiques aiming to offer their clientele something extraordinary and luxurious.

The photos cannot reflect the quality and extraordinary materials, once you put your hands on these you will fall in love with them! :)

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