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Jumper Dress - Knitted Dress Wholesale Pallet

Lacoste Trainers - Wholesale Liquidation Pallet


144 Items Per Pallet

Designer Sportswear

Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

New - In Original Boxes

Men - Women - Junior

Excellent Selection as in Gallery Image

Assorted Collection of Styles like:

Lacoste Masters 119 & 319

Lacoste Straightset

Lacoste Carnaby Evo 318

Assorted Sizes (Great Mix)

Absolute Bargain For Resellers

RRP'S From £60-£140

Price £22.98 Each

Free UK Mainland Delivery! (7 days delivery schedule)

Availability: In stock

Discover our exclusive 'Lacoste Trainers Wholesale Liquidation Pallet,' a treasure trove of designer sportswear that will elevate your inventory.

Within this wholesale pallet, you'll find 144 brand-new Lacoste trainers in their original boxes. This collection caters to juniors, men, and women, offering an excellent selection, as displayed in our gallery image.

The assortment includes various styles from the Lacoste brand, showcasing iconic and highly sought-after models like Lacoste Masters 119 & 319, Lacoste Straightset, and Lacoste Carnaby Evo 318. This mix ensures you have a diverse range to offer your customers, meeting their unique preferences and style choices.

Sizes are well-represented, with a good mix available, so your customers will likely find the perfect fit. What sets this offer apart is the exceptional value it provides. You can secure these Lacoste trainers at a fraction of their retail prices, with RRPs ranging from £60 to £140.

This 'Lacoste Trainers Wholesale Liquidation Pallet' is a bargain for resellers. It presents a golden opportunity to enhance your footwear offerings with high-quality designer sportswear. Don't miss out on this limited stock offer. Elevate your collection with Lacoste today!

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