Skechers Shoes Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

Skechers Shoes Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

Reebok Trainers Wholesale Joblot Pallet

Reebok Trainers Wholesale Joblot Pallet

Adidas Trainers Wholesale Liquidation Pallet


140 Items Per Pallet

Adidas Trainers 

Men - Women

Brand New - in Original Boxes

Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

Great Variety

Assorted Sizes

High in Demands Stocks

Limited Stocks

Price £20.98 Each 

Availability: Out of stock

Adidas trainers joblot - another great offer 'Adidas Trainers Wholesale Liquidation Pallet.'

This pallet is a footwear enthusiast's dream, featuring 140 pairs of brand-new Adidas trainers for both men and women.

Each pair of trainers is meticulously boxed in its original packaging, ensuring their pristine condition. As part of a wholesale liquidation, this pallet offers a fantastic variety of styles and sizes, making it a must-have for resellers looking to tap into the enduring demand for Adidas footwear.

Adidas is renowned for its quality, comfort, and iconic designs, making these trainers highly sought after. This liquidation pallet provides a limited opportunity for resellers to acquire these in-demand stocks and offer their customers a piece of Adidas excellence.

With limited stocks available, this is your chance to seize a great opportunity. Elevate your inventory with our 'Adidas Trainers Wholesale Liquidation Pallet' and meet the high demand for this iconic sportswear brand.

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