Y2K Clothing Vintage Sexy Denim Hot Pants

Y2K Clothing Vintage Sexy Denim Hot Pants

Y2K Clothing Wholesale Vintage Sportswear Joblot

Y2K Clothing Wholesale Vintage Sportswear Joblot

Kids Vintage Parachute Pants Criminal Damage


48 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Vintage Liquidation

New Liquidated Stock

Y2K Kids Vintage Pants

Parachute, Lattice, Cargo

Brand: Criminal Damage

Sizes: 23-24-25-26-27-28

High In-Demand Vintage Stocks

Great Profit Margins for Online Sellers

Absolute Bargain Deal. Star Buy!

Price £5.98 Each

Delivered Free to UK Mainland 

Availability: In stock

Kids Vintage Parachute Pants

Enhance your inventory with our exclusive Kids Vintage Parachute Pants joblot, featuring 48 items per parcel. This wholesale vintage liquidation deal is perfect for online sellers offering trendy, high-demand Y2K fashion for kids.

Wholesale Vintage Liquidation

Our joblot includes new liquidated stock from the coveted Y2K era, ensuring you receive pristine, stylish items. This collection is designed specifically for kids, providing a unique addition to any fashion-forward store.

Y2K Kids Vintage Pants

This parcel features vintage parachute, lattice, and cargo pants from Criminal Damage. It offers a trendy selection that is sure to attract attention. These styles are making a strong comeback, making this collection highly desirable.

Wide Range of Sizes

The pants come in sizes 23 to 28, covering a good range for junior kids. The sizes are more for teenagers and the biggest sizes can fit extra small size young adults.

High In-Demand Vintage Stocks

These Y2K kids' vintage pants are highly sought after, making them perfect for boosting your store's popularity. The unique styles and high quality of Criminal Damage ensure these items will be a hit with parents and kids alike.

Great Profit Margins

The vintage job lot offers excellent profit margins for online sellers. Its vintage appeal and trendy designs allow for significant markup potential, providing a fantastic return on investment.

Absolute Bargain Deal

This star buy is priced to offer unbeatable value. The combination of high-demand vintage stock, unique styles, and excellent quality makes this job lot an absolute bargain for resellers, including free delivery!

Why Choose Us?

Our Kids Vintage Parachute Pants Criminal Damage joblot provides a rare opportunity to stock your store with trendy, high-quality vintage kidswear. The collection captures the Y2K fashion trend and delights your customers.

Don't miss out on this fantastic deal. Order now and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to elevate your inventory!

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