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Children's Wholesale Bulk Designer Mix Clothing

Wholesale Men's Mix Designerwear Pallet

Wholesale Men's Mix Designerwear Pallet

Women's Business Startup Branded Clothing Pallet


600 Item Per Pallet

Business Startup

Women's Fashion

Ex Store Brands

All Sizes

Huge Mix

Price £2.50 Each

Free UK Mainland Delivery!

Availability: In stock

This is a wholesale business startup pallet for women's fashion

We only serve 1 pallet per a customer from these pallets. If you want to buy multiple pallets you should ask for other deals as this deal is only for startup buyers to also support and encourage them. 

All items are new from multiple high street labels or super stores

The pallet is designed for new starters to sell online, in a shop or market place

Although majority is clothing you can also find some shoes, underwear, handbags apart from dresses, jackets, knitwear, jeans, coats, swimwear, skirts, leggings, shorts, trousers, tops, blouses... The idea is it covers the whole inventory for women's fashion collection a to z for you to start and try for a small investment

There is a huge selection, you can find up to 400+ different items

All size ranges from xs up to 3xl

If you need any further info please contact us we will be happy to help and support you

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