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Wedding Dresses Wholesale Gowns Liquidation Pallet

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Vintage Clothing Designer Brands Pallet

Wholesale Liquidation Women's Puffer Coats


300 Items Per Pallet

Wholesale Liquidation Stock

Puffer Coats - Jackets


Brand: Boohoo

Sizes From S to XXL

Up to 6 Styles - Colours Black/Beige/Grey

Great Styles Some with Hoods

Perfect for Autumn/Winter

Price £9.98 Each

Free Delivery UK Mainland 

Availability: In stock

Introducing our 'Wholesale Liquidation Women's Puffer Coats,' where style meets warmth in a remarkable collection of 300 coats and jackets, tailored for the modern woman.

This wholesale liquidation stock features puffer coats and jackets that promise to keep your customers snug and stylish throughout the colder seasons. These winter essentials come from the UK brand Boohoo, ensuring both quality and fashion-forward designs.

The size range spans from S to XXL, accommodating a diverse clientele. With up to six styles and a palette of classic colours including black, beige, and grey, there's a puffer coat to suit every taste.

What sets these coats apart is not just their fashionable appeal but also their practicality. Some styles feature hoods, adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort for those chilly days. Whether it's a brisk autumn afternoon or a cold winter evening, these coats are the perfect companions.

Priced at just £9.98 each, these puffer coats offer unbeatable value. As autumn and winter approach, these coats are in high demand, presenting an excellent opportunity for retailers to meet the needs of their customers while enjoying healthy profit margins.
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