Ex Chainstore Kids Summer Clothing

Ex Chainstore Kids Summer Clothing

Wholesale Fila & Asics Sportswear Job Lot

Wholesale Fila & Asics Sportswear Job Lot

Wholesale Gymshark Women's Sport Leggings


140 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Gymwear

Active Sports Leggings

Brand: Ex Gymshark

Liquidation Stocks


Great Variety

High-Demand Retail Stock

£6.75 Each


Availability: Out of stock

Are you a reseller looking for great-quality Gymshark sportswear active leggings at bargain prices? Look no further, due to high demand from our customers we are now offering wholesale Gymshark Sport leggings parcels!

Our liquidation parcel features all-new, online return products, complete with packaging and barcodes. And with an allowance for 2% slight defects, you can enjoy great savings on these high-quality leggings without sacrificing quality.

Our selection of Gymshark active wear leggings includes a wide variety of styles, ranging from seamless to high-waist and everything in between. And with a focus on gym wear, you can find everything you need to meet the needs of your fitness-focused customers. Although these leggings are technically produced for gym and sports use they are also widely worn daily as casualwear by sportswear lovers.

Our parcels feature all-season, all-size mixes, ranging from XS to XXL. And with a great variety of colours and styles, you can add a diverse selection of Gymshark leggings to your inventory. Please do not use Gymshark images or logos when re-selling due to trade mark act to protect the brand owner's rights.

Whether you're a retailer, online seller, or fitness studio owner, our Gymshark leggings parcel is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add high-quality leggings to their inventory at bargain prices. Contact us today for any further questions about our liquidation job lot parcel and start taking advantage of this amazing deal while stocks last!

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