Kids Wholesale Knitwear Job Lot Pallet

Kids Wholesale Knitwear Job Lot Pallet

Kids Wholesale Branded Clothing Megamix Joblot

Kids Wholesale Branded Clothing Megamix Joblot

Wholesale Designer Brand Accessories Megamix


500 Items Per Pallet

Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

Designerwear Brands

Megamix of Accessories

Overstocks Brand New 

Men - Women

Caps, Beanies, Scarfs, Socks

Bags, Sliders, Hats, Pants

Socks & Underwear Multipacks (Counted as 1 Piece)

Mix Season 

Brands Like Ellesse, NFL, Nautica, Ripcurl

Rare Opportunity Stock Collection For Resellers

Star Buy! Bargain Value.

Price £4.98 Each 

Availability: In stock

Introducing our exclusive "Wholesale Designer Brand Accessories Megamix," a premium collection designed for savvy resellers seeking to elevate their inventory with high-end accessories. This unique pallet offers a curated mix of 500 designer items, blending style, quality, and variety, all at an unbeatable wholesale price.

Diverse Designer Brands: Experience the allure of brands like Ellesse, NFL, Nautica, and Ripcurl. Our megamix pallet includes a carefully selected range of designer accessories, ensuring your stock is aligned with popular and respected labels.

Overstocks Brand New: All items in this collection are new overstocks, guaranteeing your customers receive accessories in immaculate condition.

Comprehensive Mix: This pallet features an eclectic array of accessories, including caps, beanies, scarves, socks, bags, sliders, hats, and pants. Additionally, we offer socks and underwear multipacks (counted as one piece), providing even more value.

For Men & Women: Cater to a wide customer base with accessories designed for both men and women, making this an ideal choice for diverse market demands.

Seasonal Variety: Our mixed-season stock ensures that your offerings stay relevant throughout the year, catering to different styles and seasonal needs.

Exclusive Opportunity: This is a rare chance for resellers to acquire designer brand accessories in bulk, elevating your store’s appeal and distinguishing your merchandise from competitors.

Star Buy: Recognized as a 'Star Buy,' this pallet is a standout choice for its exceptional value and quality.

Affordable Pricing: Priced at just £4.98 per item, this megamix represents a remarkable opportunity for high returns on investment.

Don't miss out on this rare and lucrative opportunity to stock up on designer accessories at an unbeatable price!

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