£1 Clothes Sale, Women's Tops Hot Deal

£1 Clothes Sale, Women's Tops Hot Deal

Ellesse Wholesale Men's Clothing Liquidation Deal

Ellesse Wholesale Men's Clothing Liquidation Deal

Wholesale Branded Shoes Liquidation Pallet


120 Items Per Pallet

Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

New in Original Boxes

Men - Women

Shoes - Trainers - Boots

All Size Mix Lot

Brands like Mizuno, Kswiss, Sledgers and more

All Season

Includes Genuine Leather - Made in EU 

Up to 12 Styles/Colours

Price £14.00 Each

Free UK Mainland Delivery

Availability: In stock

Our "Wholesale Branded Shoes Liquidation Pallet" offers a comprehensive selection of 120 items per pallet. This collection features various footwear options, including shoes, trainers, and boots, suitable for both men and women. Each item is new and comes in its original box, ensuring top quality and customer satisfaction.

Diverse Brands: The wholesale branded pallet includes well-known brands like Mizuno, KSwiss, and Sledgers, each offering distinct craftsmanship.

Variety of Styles and Colors: This assortment, with up to 12 different styles and colours, caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, making it easy to meet the diverse needs of your clientele. The mix includes various sizes, providing options for virtually every customer.

These footwear options are perfect for all-season wear, from summer to winter. Resellers can achieve excellent margins with high-quality brands and a significant variety of styles. Ideal for retailers looking to expand their footwear offerings, this liquidation pallet offers a fantastic opportunity to stock up on high-quality branded shoes at a competitive price.

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