Red Carpet Luxurious Designer Boutique Collection

Red Carpet Luxurious Designer Boutique Collection

Wholesale Designer Clothing Men's Polo Shirts

Wholesale Designer Clothing Men's Polo Shirts

Push Button Designer Clothing Wholesale Hotdeal


24 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Liquidation Job lot

New Liquidated Stock

Designer Clothing Wholesale

Brand: Push Button

Women's Wear

Full Product List in Gallery Image

Unique Opportunity for resellers

In-demand Retail Brand

Great Profit Margins

RRP's up to £600 Each

Price £45.00 Each



Availability: In stock

Our "Push Button Designer Clothing Wholesale Hotdeal" offers an exclusive selection of 24 items per parcel. This wholesale liquidation joblot features new, liquidated stock from Push Button, a highly sought-after brand known for its innovative and bold designs in women's wear.

Product Details:

Brand Focus: Specializing in Push Button, a brand celebrated for its distinctive aesthetic and high fashion appeal, perfect for customers seeking unique style.

The wholesale parcel includes a diverse range of designer pieces, detailed in the complete product list in the gallery image. The list outlines each item’s specifics to aid resellers in their selection.
Reseller Benefits:

High Retail Value: This wholesale job lot has items with an RRP of up to £600, offering significant profit margins for resellers looking to capitalise on high-end fashion goods.

Exclusive Stock: This joblot represents a rare chance to access limited, in-demand products from a prestigious designer brand, enhancing your inventory with exclusive apparel options.

In-Demand Brand: Push Button is renowned for standing out in the retail market, making this joblot particularly attractive for boutiques and online retailers aiming to offer something different from mainstream fashion.

Unique Opportunity for Resellers: With its competitive pricing and high resale value, this wholesale deal is perfectly positioned for luxury clothing resellers.

The "Push Button Designer Clothing Wholesale Hotdeal" is an excellent investment for those seeking to enrich their boutique or online store with high-quality, designer fashion. Take advantage of this exceptional offer!

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