Wholesale Trainers Designer Brands Shoes Pallet

Wholesale Trainers Designer Brands Shoes Pallet

Unisex Trend Saddle Bag Wholesale Pallet

Unisex Trend Saddle Bag Wholesale Pallet

Prom Dresses Wholesale Boutique Pallet


125 Items Per Pallet

Wholesale Liquidation

* Boutique Exclusive *

New Overstock

Prom Party Dresses

London Private Labels

Very Rare Offer - Star Buy!

Offers Huge Margins For Resellers

High Retail Value RRP's up to £300

Great Variety - Mix Size Ranges

Fantastic Details Lace - Flare - Sequin - Stone etc...

One-Off Offer Discontinued Limited Stock Pallets

Price £25.88 Each

Free UK Mainland Delivery!

Availability: Out of stock

Prepare for a dazzling addition to your inventory with our 'Prom Dresses Wholesale Boutique Pallet,' a treasure of 125 exquisite pieces that redefine elegance and luxury.

In this exclusive boutique wholesale liquidation, you'll discover new overstock prom and party dresses that exude sophistication and style. These dresses bear the hallmark of London private labels, making them a rare and coveted addition to your collection.

What makes this offering truly special is its exclusivity. These boutique dresses are not only exquisite but also extremely rare for buying from liquidation, making them a star buy for discerning resellers. Their high retail value, with RRP's reaching up to £300, promises exceptional value and substantial margins for those in the know.

This pallet offers a captivating variety of styles, including lace, flare, sequin, stone detailing, and more. Each dress is a work of art in its own right, designed to make a statement and turn heads at any prom or special occasion.

With a mix of size ranges these dresses are designed to flatter various body types and make each wearer feel like a star.

Please note that this is a one-off offer featuring discontinued and limited stock pallets. The styles you see in the gallery image represent just a glimpse of the breathtaking dresses included in this pallet.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to bring a touch of London's finest to your customers' special occasions. Contact us today to secure your 'Prom Dresses Wholesale Pallet' and be the go-to destination for unforgettable style.


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