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Wholesale True Religion Designer T-Shirts

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Vintage Nike Wholesale Job Lot Startup

Plus Size Men's Wholesale Clothes Parcel


70 Items Per Parcel

Plus Size - Over Size Stock

Men's High Street Clothing

Wholesale - New Surplus

Sizes 1XL - 5XL

Jeans, Shorts, Sweats, Shirts, Hoodies, Tees, Sportswear

Great Mix 

Star Buy!

Price £5.95 Each

Availability: In stock

We are thrilled to present our exclusive Plus Size Men's Wholesale Clothes Parcel, a treasure trove of high-street fashion that combines style, comfort, and unbeatable value.

This wholesale parcel is specifically curated to meet the demands of the discerning plus-size customer. With sizes ranging from 1XL to 5XL, you can cater to a broad range of body types and provide a perfect fit for every customer who walks through your doors.

Inside this parcel, you'll discover a versatile collection of men's high-street clothing that covers all the essential wardrobe staples. From fashionable jeans and comfortable shorts to cosy sweats and stylish shirts, we have handpicked an impressive range of clothing options that are bound to delight your customers.

Our selection also includes must-have items like hoodies, tees, and sportswear, ensuring that you can offer a comprehensive range of styles to suit various tastes and occasions. With a great mix of designs, colours, and patterns, you'll have no shortage of options to satisfy the diverse preferences of your customers.

Rest assured that all the clothing in this parcel is brand new and sourced from surplus stock, guaranteeing its quality and authenticity. Your customers can confidently embrace the latest trends and enjoy the perfect blend of style and comfort.

This Plus Size Men's Wholesale Clothes Parcel is truly a star buy, providing you with a golden opportunity to expand your inventory and cater to the growing demand for fashionable plus-size men's clothing.

Seize this chance to revolutionize your offerings and boost your sales. Contact us today to secure your Plus Size Men's Wholesale Clothes Parcel and embark on a successful journey of providing stylish and comfortable fashion options for plus-size men.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to tap into an underserved market and elevate your retail business to new heights.


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