Baby Clothes Wholesale Joblot Parcel

Baby Clothes Wholesale Joblot Parcel

Wholesale Puma Clothing Startup Box Deal

Wholesale Puma Clothing Startup Box Deal

Wholesale Designer Brands Sliders Parcel


60 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Designer Brands

Sliders - Sandals 

New in Packaging 

Brand Mix, Lacoste, Ellesse, Nicce

Nautica, Asics, Nike...

Each Parcel is a Different Mix

Sizes From 3 to 11 

Great Variety

Exclusive Offer High in Demand

Price £8.88 Each 


Availability: In stock

Presenting our exclusive "Wholesale Designer Brands Sliders Parcel," a premium selection of 60 designer sliders and sandals. This handpicked assortment offers a range of stylish and comfortable footwear from some of the most prestigious brands in the market, making it a must-have for any retailer looking to upscale their footwear inventory with high-quality, branded options.

New in Packaging: Each pair of sliders is brand new and most come in its original packaging, ensuring your customers receive authentic, top-quality products.

Top Brand Mix: The wholesale parcel features a mix of brands including Lacoste, Ellesse, Nicce, Nautica, Asics, Nike, and more, providing a diverse and desirable selection.

Unique Mix in Each Parcel: Every parcel offers a different mix of brands and styles, adding an element of surprise and exclusivity to your inventory.

Size Range: With sizes ranging from 3 to 11, this parcel caters to a broad customer base, ensuring that you have options for nearly every foot size.

Great Variety: The assortment includes a variety of designs and colors, catering to different tastes and preferences, and ensuring that your store offers something unique for everyone.

Exclusive Offer: This is an exclusive offer, high in demand due to the premium brands and the variety it offers.

Competitive Pricing: Priced at just £8.88 per pair, this parcel represents a significant bargain, especially considering the high retail value of branded sliders.

Our "Wholesale Designer Brands Sliders" is an exceptional opportunity for retailers and resellers to diversify their offerings with high-quality, branded footwear.
Take advantage of this exclusive, high-demand offer and act fast to secure your parcel at this unbeatable price!

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