Wholesale Missguided Women's Clothing Deal

Wholesale Missguided Women's Clothing Deal

Evening Dresses Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

Evening Dresses Wholesale Liquidation Pallet

Missguided Women's Mix & Match Suits


250 Items Per Pallet

Wholesale Surplus Stock 

Rare Stock For Resellers 

Mix & Match

100 Jackets - 150 Trousers

UK Ex High Street 

Brand: Missguided


Drop Down - Flare - High Waist - Trendy 

Sizes From 4 to 16

Price £4.50 Each

Availability: In stock

Check out our stunning "Missguided Women's Mix & Match Suits" - an exquisite collection of wholesale surplus stock, perfect for resellers seeking fashionable and versatile attire. This pallet offers a delightful mix of 100 jackets and 150 trousers, allowing you to create endless outfit combinations.

Brought to you by the UK ex-high street brand, Missguided, these suits boast elegance and sophistication in every detail. Available in classic cream, beige, and black shades, they effortlessly complement the latest trends looks.

Designed with drop-down, flattering flare, and chic high-waisted styles, these suits offer a touch of timeless glamour to your customers' outfits. With sizes ranging from 4 to 16, you can cater to a diverse range of body types.

This collection empowers your customers to mix and match, creating unique ensembles that express their individuality. The limited stock adds an element of exclusivity, enticing your clientele with sought-after pieces.


Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to enhance your inventory and captivate your customers. Order now and embark on a journey of style and success!


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