Vintage Clothing Branded Women's Summer Joblot

Vintage Clothing Branded Women's Summer Joblot

Vintage Supply Y2K Parachute Pants Joblot

Vintage Supply Y2K Parachute Pants Joblot

Men's Vintage Shirts Branded Job lot


72 Items Per Parcel

Vintage Supply Job lot

Men's Vintage Shirts

90's - Early 2000s (New in Pack)

Formal - Casual

Long Sleeves

Brand: Isue

Assorted Styles 

Sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL

Rare Stock

Price £3.98 Each


Availability: In stock

Exclusive vintage supply of "Men's Vintage Shirts Branded Job Lot," offering a collection of 72 items per parcel. This selection spans an era from the '90s to the early 2000s, with each piece new in a pack, providing a pristine journey back in time. Crafted by the distinguished brand Isue, these shirts are a testament to timeless style and quality.

Our vintage supply collection ranges from the luxurious touch of pure silk to the classic comfort of cotton, ensuring a variety of textures and experiences. The designs vary widely, from sophisticated plain shirts to vibrant floral and sharp stripes, catering to formal and casual occasions.

Available in an inclusive range of sizes from S to XXL, this job lot is designed to suit a diverse clientele. Each shirt's long sleeves and assorted styles represent fashion history, making this collection a rare vintage supply stock opportunity.
This "Men's Vintage Shirts Branded Job Lot" is not just clothing; it's a revival of past fashion trends' rich, varied tapestry, offering something extraordinary and unique.

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