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Sports Brands Kids Wholesale Mix Joblot

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Wholesale Designer Clothing Retro T Shirts

Luxury Fashion Lingerie Wholesale Joblot


250 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Joblot

Women's Luxury Fashion Lingerie

Unique Collection Includes;

Panties, Bras, Babydolls, Gowns...

Great Colours & Variety

Glamorous, Trendy, Fashion, Lace 

High Retail Value 

Sizes From XS to XXL

Star Buy Bargain!

Price £3.25 Each

Free Delivery UK Mainland

Availability: Out of stock

Discover the allure of our "Luxury Fashion Lingerie Wholesale Joblot" - a captivating collection of women's innerwear that combines elegance and style. This exclusive assortment features 250 exquisite items per parcel.

Our luxury fashion lingerie embraces a unique and diverse range, showcasing an enchanting selection of panties, bras, babydolls, gowns and more. Each piece exudes sophistication, making every woman feel empowered and confident.

Indulge in the glamorous world of trendy lace accents and fashionable designs. With a spectrum of captivating colours and delightful variety, our lingerie collection ensures that there's something special for everyone.

Prepare to impress your customers with the undeniable high retail value of these luxurious pieces. Each item is thoughtfully crafted to ensure exceptional quality and a comfortable fit that speaks of true elegance. Available in sizes from XS to XXL, our lingerie caters to the diverse beauty of all women. Embrace their individuality and offer a selection that celebrates each unique body shape and size.

What's more, this star buy bargain presents an irresistible opportunity for resellers to provide their customers with luxury at an affordable price. Plus, we sweeten the deal with free delivery within the UK mainland.

Don't miss out on this rare Luxury Fashion Lingerie. Order this exceptional selection of luxury lingerie now!

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