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Wholesale Designer Clothing Men's Polo Shirts

Wholesale Boutique Clothing Luxury Women's Wear

Wholesale Boutique Clothing Luxury Women's Wear

Designer Wholesale Luxury Boutique Womenswear


25 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Liquidation Job lot

New Liquidated Stock

Luxury Designer Boutique

Women's Wear Collection

High-End Boutique Fashion

Choose a Parcel List 

Exclusive In-Demand Stocks

Great Margins For Resellers

RRP's up to £600 Each

Price £44.00 Each

Availability: In stock

Our "Designer Wholesale Luxury Boutique Womenswear" job lot features an exclusive collection of 25 items per parcel. This carefully selected assortment of women's wear comes from some of the most prestigious names in high-end boutique fashion.

Luxury Brands Included: The designer wholesale parcel features pieces from renowned designer labels such as Keepsake, For Love & Lemons, Threefloor Fashion, and Elena Antoniades London. Each brand is celebrated for its unique designs and premium quality.

The collection encompasses a variety of styles, including elegant dresses, sophisticated separates, and statement pieces that are perfect for special occasions or elevating everyday wear.

All items are new, over-bagged, and hanger-packed from liquidated stock, ensuring they are in excellent condition and ready for retail. You can select from a list of available parcels, allowing you to tailor your inventory based on your customers' preferences and your boutique's thematic needs.

This job lot represents a rare opportunity to access limited-stock, high-demand luxury womenswear, which will set your store apart from competitors. With RRP's reaching up to £600 per item, the potential for significant profit margins is substantial.

Our "Designer Wholesale Luxury Boutique Womenswear" joblot is ideal for luxury clothing retailers and boutique owners looking to enrich their offerings with exclusive, high-end designer apparel.

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