Women's Fashion Leggings Wholesale Joblot

Women's Fashion Leggings Wholesale Joblot

Sports Brands T-Shirts Job Lot Parcel

Sports Brands T-Shirts Job Lot Parcel

Champion Branded Sportswear Joblot


100 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Joblot

Sportswear - Gymwear

Brand: Champion

Men - Women

Hoodies, Joggers, Leggings, Shorts

Polos, Tops, Sweats, and more...

Mix Sizes & Styles 

Great Range

Price £5.95 Each

Availability: In stock

Here we have our Champion Branded Wholesale Sportswear Joblot, the ultimate opportunity for retailers to stock up on high-quality athletic apparel from one of the most well-known sportswear brands in the industry. This wholesale job lot offers 100 items of Champion sportswear, carefully selected for both men and women who value style and performance.

The Champion brand is synonymous with excellence, and this wholesale job lot brings you a wide range of sportswear and gym wear essentials. From comfortable hoodies and joggers to sleek leggings and shorts, this job lot has everything your customers need to enhance their active lifestyle.

With a mix of sizes and styles, you can serve a diverse customer base, ensuring something for everyone. The Champion brand is known for its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, guaranteeing that each item in this job lot meets the highest quality standards.

Whether your customers are looking for sportswear for their intense workouts or stylish athleisure pieces for their daily activities, this wholesale joblot has it all. From polos and tops to sweats and more, the range of options ensures your customers can effortlessly mix and match their outfits for a stylish and sporty look.

Investing in this Champion Branded Wholesale Sportswear Joblot is a smart business move and a chance to offer your customers premium sportswear at competitive prices. The Champion brand has a strong reputation and is highly sought after by athletes and fashion enthusiasts.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your inventory and attract customers with a wide range of Champion sportswear. Order your Champion Branded Wholesale Sportswear Joblot today and take your business to new heights by offering stylish and high-performance athletic apparel.

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