£1 Clothes Sale Clearance Job Lot Start up Pallet

£1 Clothes Sale Clearance Job Lot Start up Pallet

£1 Clothes Sale Bra's Wholesale Clearance Joblot

£1 Clothes Sale Bra's Wholesale Clearance Joblot

Car Boot Sellers Business Startup Pallet


1200 Items Per Pallet

Car Boot Job Lot


Business Start Up


Huge Variety

Bargain Value!

Price £0.90p Each

Availability: In stock

Introducing the ultimate opportunity for extra income seeking part timers looking to start their own weekend car boot selling business!

Our wholesale job lot pallet is packed with a complete mixture of left over stocks, including men's, women's, and kids' clothing, shoes, and accessories in all sizes. This deal is perfect for those looking to get into the world of reselling, as the potential for profit is huge.

With this pallet, you'll find a wide variety of items, from shirts and dresses to trousers, shoes, trainers, and hats anything everything is in there. The goods are all leftover stock from stores, and while many are brand new, some may have minor defects like being dirty in warehouse or transport. But don't let that discourage you, as these branded items like a Converse t-shirt or Nike jacket can still be sold for a great return.

Many items are still with tags, like a women's Primark blouse or a kid’s mother care organic cotton top, making it an absolute bargain. And each pallet is different mix, so you never know what you might find. With a bit of sorting and reselling know-how, you could triple your money on this deal with ease. Also if you sort them properly a great portion can be sold online for a higher mark-up too…

Please note that this is a clearance job lot and not pick and choose, and therefore no returns are accepted. However, if you are willing to take the risk, this could be the jackpot you've been looking for. Good luck!



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