The Risen Demand for Wholesale Trainers...

The Risen Demand for Wholesale Trainers...

Over the past decades, sportswear has been an increasingly growing market in demand making it more challenging to source for re-sellers. The wholesale sportswear sector has a wide spectrum of products, especially from international brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Converse, and many more...

A look into the past, market analysis...

In the past trainers use to be footwear worn predominantly when being engaged in sports activities. Nowadays trainers are daily wearable footwear preferred for comfort even being worn with suits as the latest fashion trends. As a result, the sports market has become extremely popular and in demand.

Wholesale Trainer and Shoes

Researching more in-demand wholesale sportswear items

Between the category types running products seem to capped up their market share in the UK pushing the ranks higher in addition to the range of football products and basketball products. With more demand comes popularity for branded sportswear like Nike, Puma, and Adidas pushing up normal wholesale prices.

Wholesale Gym Wear

These days we all know branded sportswear products consistently offers exceptional value and it is a good investment for retailers and online store re-sellers. If you are new to the wholesale sportswear sector depending on your budget and how you plan to re-sell you might need to make certain decisions to gain an efficient service. Why not contact us if you need any help?

Brands or unbranded sportswear?

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse, and Reebok are the more dominant sportswear brands that have a built reputation of consistent quality and innovation. For this reason, when you are re-selling these brands you automatically benefit from the popularity of the customer audience. A Nike or Adidas store specialises in products that have different price ranges from low to high.

wholesale branded sportswear

On the other hand, unbranded sportswear has no developed proven record especially if you source-specific clothing like gym wear or jackets in which garment technology plays a role. Unless you plan to sell more basic cheap sportswear such as t-shirts, shorts, track tops, accessories, pants, ladies sweatshirts, and so on, you can become a low-price unbranded sport re-seller.

The downside of unbranded goods is you will need to have the customer audience or make more effort to re-sell them.

Our suggestion would be to deal with UK wholesalers that own large stocks of sportswear with branded (i.e Nike, Adidas) clothing and footwear. Ideally, you can buy and mix some unbranded sportswear into your collection if you consider re-selling to a low-budget customer audience. But the advantage of branded stock is that it holds some market value and you will not get stuck with goods!

UK wholesale sportswear supplier

Price - service - time - delivery

Your cost when buying will depend on how current the stock is. If you buy from UK liquidation wholesalers like Top Down Trading your cost price is going to be fairly lower than buying from a sports trade distributor. Whether you are from Europe or Africa we serve buyers worldwide with tagged and bagged deliveries.

worldwide shipping

Try not to aim to buy the latest collections unless you have a large size budget. The good thing is most sportswear is never out of fashion and even the oldest Adidas or Nike vintage clothing like pants, bags, headwear, or track tops are very valuable.

Supplying successfully needs consistency. Giving a fast service is as important as the price and, you would need to find wholesalers that own large stocks for the perfect order and consistent supply of offers.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements!

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