How to Sell on eBay

How to Sell on eBay

A Beginners Guide to eBay

-eBay is an online marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services. The eBay platform was founded in 1995 and has since become one of the world's largest and most popular e-commerce platforms...

On eBay, buyers can browse through millions of listings in categories ranging from electronics and fashion to collectibles and home goods. Sellers can list items for sale and set their own prices, and buyers can bid on items or purchase them outright.

eBay also offers a range of tools and services to help buyers and sellers communicate and conduct transactions securely. In addition to its website, eBay also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

If you want to start selling on eBay we have made a beginner's guide with step-by-step instructions for you to join serving eBay shoppers.

Business Account

Create an eBay account

My eBay account

  1. Create an account:

    First, you will need to create your account. Go to eBay's website and click on the "register" button. You will need to provide some personal information, such as your name and email address, and create a username and password.

    After you have registered you have access to a seller account which you can also turn into a business account for selling online and becoming an eBay seller.


eBay Seller


  1. Determine what you want to sell:

    Now you have created your account (user id) you can login from my eBay login. Next, you need to decide what you want to sell on eBay. On eBay, millions of different items get sold on a regular basis. Fashion, food, electronics, cars even houses! Almost everything in the world is selling on eBay!

    Consider your interests, hobbies, and expertise. You can also look at what is popular on eBay to get ideas. Decide what you want to sell on eBay and prepare your product category by choosing a category you are passionate about while sourcing profitable products.

    Fashion is a huge category on eBay. If you want to start up a fashion business selling on eBay we have a Startup section that can help.


  2. Research prices:

    Before you list your item for sale, do some research to determine a fair price. Look at other similar items that are currently for sale on eBay to get an idea of what people are willing to pay.

    You will see there are hundreds of sellers selling the same item from 99p to hundreds of pounds. Don't panic! there are many reasons for this some being unwanted gifts, others pre-used and some being professional eBay sellers or brand owners with higher prices.

    The golden rule is as long as you provide a great service with an accurate item description you will be selling. Although new sellers should have a reasonable price range to build up their seller account portfolio.

    Photos & Description for eBay


  3. Take photos:

    Good photos are an important part of selling on eBay. Take clear, well-lit photos of the item from multiple angles. If you are selling a product, include photos of any packaging or labels as long as it doesn't conflict with the product's brand owner rights.


  4. Write a descriptive title and description:

    Your title and description should accurately and clearly describe the item you are selling. Use keywords that potential buyers might use to search for your item from search results. Make sure to include details that can avoid returns and dissatisfaction such as measurements, condition, product details, and if necessary colour.


  5. Set your price and shipping options:

    Decide on a price for your item and your payment options. Take into account the research you did in step 3. You will also need to decide on your shipping methods, such as whether you will offer free shipping or charge for it.


    Start Selling


  6. Listing your item:

    Once you have all of this information, you can list your item for sale on eBay. To start your eBay listing go to the "sell" page, this is the eBay page of your seller account. Follow the prompts to list your item.

    You will need to provide details such as the category, title, description, price, payment method, and shipping methods including international shipping if you wish to sell on eBay worldwide rather than only on eBay UK.

    In addition, you should choose your eBay selling method auction-style sales, or fixed rate buy now option. eBay also will charge you insertion fees when you list and final value fees when you sell on eBay.

    To be able to pay your fees according to your turnover you might need to register a business bank account or a personal account.


  7. Respond to questions and offers:

    As you start to receive offers and questions from potential buyers, it is important to respond promptly. This can help build trust and increase the chances of making a sale. Don't forget customer satisfaction is the key!


    Worldwide Shipping


  8. Ship the item:

    When you receive an order, you will need to package and ship the item to the buyer. Make sure to use a reliable shipping method and provide tracking information to the buyer. After the transaction is complete, it is a good idea to leave feedback for the buyer. This helps build trust and reputation on eBay.


Selling on eBay can be a fun and rewarding experience. With a little bit of effort and planning, you can turn your hobbies and interests into a successful eBay business. Good luck!

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