7 Things You Should Look For in a Wholesale Clothing Supplier

7 Things You Should Look For in a Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Whether you are looking to start up your own business or are looking to add products to your existing business, wholesale clothing can be an easy way to add fashion products in bulk. The world of wholesale clothing purchases can be a little bit intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be!


Wholesale Fashion Supplier

Here at Top Down Trading, we are familiar with all aspects of the wholesale clothing market. With over 21 years of experience in the field as a wholesale supplier, we are prepared to help you navigate through the world of wholesale fashion. 

In this article, we share the top 7 things you should look for in the wholesale clothing market when deciding on a provider for your fashion needs.

Product Accessibility

When searching for fashion to sell, sometimes the best wholesaler for you may not be directly in your area. In fact, you might find yourself looking at options overseas for quality items and low prices. Exporting products on a large scale is no easy feat.

A great indicator of a competent wholesale supplier is the ability to cater to customers wherever they may be. You can absolutely find a high-quality supplier overseas.

Top Down Trading is an expert in international trade and commerce. While we are based in the United Kingdom, we have specialized in providing branded and designer clothing products globally with over 21 years of experience.


Wholesale Liquidation

Keep Costs Low

This is arguably the most important consideration when choosing your wholesale fashion supplier. You will need to find a supplier who fits within your budget and allows you to maximize profits without sacrificing quality.

Some wholesale suppliers are more strict than others on order size, meaning that you might find yourself cornered into ordering more products than you really need. Secure a supplier that works with your needs for volume while offering accessible pricing for the best results. 

As a supplier, Top Down Trading provides prices that are lower than wholesale. Not only do we offer great discounts, but we also offer individualized methods of deliveries through packages known as parcels, pallets, and containers.


Prioritize Quality Items

Selling fashion items is tricky because while people want low-cost items, they also want high-quality products that are going to last them. No one wants to be buying a new pair of shoes only to have them completely fall apart in a month even if they were free.

Branded Quality Fashion

Does low cost mean cheap quality?

Buying wholesale clothing and shoes for a low cost does not mean that you have to sell low-quality items in your store. There are many supplier types that can provide high-quality items for a low cost. Such as liquidation wholesalers, discount wholesalers, stock lot wholesalers, and many more. In fact, finding and investing in the right supplier can mean finding the right quality by working as a team.

Deciding on a supplier should include this crucial step of determining whether or not their products are up to your requirements for quality. Your supplier should meet your standards according to your business plan and as a team member of the family business.

Do auctions supply high-quality goods?

Auctions are a way of sourcing low-cost products. However, there is a chance that you can end up with goods that do not serve your purpose. This is a part of the gamble, the good comes with the bad.

There are many factors to watch out for when purchasing from auctions but the main factor is for the auctioneer to be registered and regulated as an auctioneer. If you are purchasing from wholesale websites that provide auctions this is fairly risky as you would never know who is bidding against you as they are not regulated nor registered as an auctioneer.

Although if you are bidding on an actually registered auctioneer's website this is considerably more safe avoiding shill bidding. Also, the real auctioneers do have viewing days for you to visit and view goods before finalizing your bids.


Consider Famous Worldwide Brands

Reselling recognizable brands can be a great way to incorporate fashion sales into your new or existing business. Stocking these items will lend your business the credibility that is associated with these existing brands.

Brands Top Down Trading

Branded or Unbranded?

The benefits of buying branded goods are obvious which can connect you to a ready-wide audience to catering consumers for a higher income revenue with a fee paid. Even your advertising will associate with a professional attitude to produce and manage clients for further success.

On the other hand, when buying unbranded goods will cost you much less money. This really depends on the country and customers you are buying for. Whether you are thinking to open a store or a website as an online shop you should consider a clear business model.

Making a choice

If you want to be a store selling brands as an outlet or an economical alternative to becoming a low-price company it's all fine and entirely a choice. There are numerous companies that even make their own products with their own brand considered as a private label planning to become a well-known brand for new clients.

Outlet Designer Clothes

A new business can pretty much decide which route to take. The decision should be made depending on your variables such as your budget, how quickly you plan your turnover, the footfall or audience, and most importantly your regular access to stocks.

How Difficult can it be?

You may be thinking that you would need to reach out to the brand to work out a deal which is fairly difficult, but did you know that you can do this through some wholesale suppliers? It’s true! Wholesale suppliers like Top Down Trading can offer bulk orders of branded clothing and even high-fashion clothing that will fit in with your business.

Top Down Trading is an option for you if you would like to focus on high fashion and branded items. Some of the brands that Top Down Trading features are Disney, Levi’s, Gap, Nike, Adidas, and Zara.


Fashion Stock Lots

Products That Are In-Stock and High Volume.

Another consideration is whether or not your wholesale supplier can provide you with the volume you need. This is a hallmark of a good supplier and should not be a concern for a reputable fashion exporter.

Finding Suppliers

If you find websites for the fashion business you are looking into make sure that they don't struggle with low stock or supply issues, this should come as a red flag. Your stock needs should be a priority of your supplier. This speaks to their reputation.

Consistent supplies

A consistent supply of stocks is a must for your business. From time to time there will be shortages of certain stock lines such as shirts, jeans, dresses, or hoodies. These are the times when you will need a reliable supplier to keep your stock levels replenished.

Reliable prices

While there is any stock shortage in the fashion industry, it is also vitally important that your fashion supplier can keep considerably reasonable prices for your consumption. Every wholesaler doesn't have the capability of being a high-volume stockist of fashion goods.

At Top Down Trading, we are known by our customers for having clothing and shoes in stock and available to be purchased at high volumes. This is due to the fact of our business model which is able to supply overseas to over 65 countries from small outlet dealers to very large enterprises.


Support for Startups

If your business idea is on the new side, you will want to find a supplier that has experience supporting startup businesses. Your investment into a new small business venture should be respected, appreciated, and uplifted by your fashion supplier.

While it's good to start small and develop to expand as your company becomes profitable. It is also important to access the right advice and expertise as the business grows.

Startup Business

The right support

With the right support, you can clarify the best small business ideas, if you were planning to work from home you can explore home business ideas. You can also trial small projects with a specific niche where you can arrange local events as a new venture.

Online or Offline

You might consider launching a fashion outlet store as a small business that operates from a physical location. Others that start a small business can prefer to operate online utilizing technology. You can hire a freelance developer for your business idea to go digital. Having access to email marketing, graphic design, or a virtual assistant can save you from time-consuming tasks and create a successful online shop hopefully with a high return.

What can we do for you?

We pride ourselves on our ability to support new and small businesses to thrive from the onset. Top Down Trading offers free consultations for our goods taking care to help you decide what approach you want to take to incorporate fashion into your next business venture.

We can also advise you on the right equipment, training courses, websites to shop for, and free stuff that you can benefit from.

As well, we often provide offers for startups to help provide higher income margins for new small businesses. Choose a supplier that is equipped to service and help your business start off on the right foot like a family.



Professionals in Logistics

When balancing wholesale orders, you will want to make sure that your wholesale supplier is an expert in logistics. Without having a good reputation for product transportation, you run the risk of having late, damaged, or even lost products.

Ensure that your new wholesale provider has reputable means of shipping or transportation service. Some suppliers may even offer to allow you to use your own shippers to deliver your product.

What are the most important facts about fashion logistics?

  1. Timeline; how long it will take for your goods to reach you?

    Incoterm; ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival. Choose a reputable shipper.

  2. Security; how safe will your goods be during transit?

    If your goods are of high value consider insuring your cargo.

  3. Customs Clearance; what documents will you need to clear your goods from the port?

    Ask your supplier if they provide you with this service or appoint a clearing agent in your country. You can also ask for a door-to-door delivery if provided.

  4. Cost; What will the shipping cost your overall consignment?

    Double-check for all charges including customs taxes. Try to get a quote from a few shipping companies so you can decide and have a choice to make the optimal decision.


Top Down Trading only uses reputable shippers that have provided us with dependable transportation of our fashion exports. As a leader in the industry of wholesale clothing exports, you can rely on us to get your goods from point A to point B through our vetted shipping providers.




We hope that this article has simplified the process of choosing a supplier for your retail, startup, or wholesale fashion business.

Whether you are a new or existing business, there is much to consider when entering wholesale industries in the global fashion market. Your wholesale supplier should check off all of your boxes and be an asset to your profit margins, not a hindrance.

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Here at Top Down Trading, we wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect supplier for your business ventures. If you are interested in our services, please reach out to us!


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