Wholesale Ladies Shapewear/Waist Trainers Business Startup

Wholesale Ladies Shapewear/Waist Trainers Business Startup

Wholesale Women's Flat Shoes Pallet

Wholesale Women's Ex Chainstore Summer Fashion Flat Shoe Pallet

Wholesale Ex Timberland Designer Brand Clothing Pallet


500 Items Per a Pallet

Seasonal Mix Designerwear

Mixed sizes from S to 3XL

Ex-Timberland -Genuine New


Availability: Out of stock

Wholesale Ex Timberland Designer Clothing Pallet

Rough estimate - Men's 70% Women's 30%

A stunning range of seasonal mix Timberland clothing 

Brand: Ex-Timberland genuine goods in original condition

Brand new designerwear


Mixed sizes from small up to 3xl (not in size ratio, broken size ranges)

Each pallet has many variety of styles mix & match but more quantities of jeans/chinos/cargo pants in pallets compared to other categories

Sweats, cargo pants, shorts, chinos, jeans, shirts, jackets, polos, t-shirts, hoodies...

No pick & choose

Limited stock

For more info or images/video of goods please contact us...