Wholesale Puma Sports Footwear/Trainers Pallet

Wholesale Puma Trainers Branded Sports Footwear Pallet

Wholesale Kids/Children's Branded (Puma) Sports Trainers Pallet

Children's/Kids Wholesale Puma Sports Trainers Pallet

Wholesale Converse Trainers Branded Sneakers/Footwear Pallet


140 Items Per Pallet

Converse Brand


Assorted Styles and Sizes

Our Price £21.00 Each

Special Discount Price £13.50 Each

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Wholesale Converse Branded Sneakers/Trainers/Footwear Pallet

Brand Converse

Mens and Ladies - Unisex

Each Pallet comes with Mix style as in gallery image

Brand new in original boxes

Assorted sizes

High in demand retail product

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