Boutique Wholesale Clothing Luxury Designer Brands

Boutique Wholesale Clothing Luxury Designer Brands

Designer Outlet Branded Wholesale Kidswear Joblot

Designer Outlet Branded Wholesale Kidswear Joblot

Wholesale Boutique Clothing Designerwear Hotdeal


26 Items Per Parcel

Wholesale Liquidation Job Lot

Boutique Designerwear Hotdeals

New Liquidated Stock

Exclusive Brands Megamix

RRP'S Reaching Over £500 an Item

High-Value Retail

Great Profit Margins for Resellers

Great Collection

Full Product List in Gallery Image

Absolute Bargain!

Price £48.00 Each


Availability: In stock

Introducing our "Wholesale Boutique Clothing Designerwear Hotdeal," a 26-item-per-parcel selection of new, liquidated boutique designer wear featuring an exclusive mix of brands typically high in demand.

Key Features:

Exclusive Brand Mix: Our wholesale parcels include a diverse array of high-end designer brands known for their quality and exclusivity, adding significant value to your boutique's collection.

Product Diversity: The assortment covers a wide range of clothing items, from elegant dresses to sophisticated separates, ensuring a variety to cater to customer preferences.

New Liquidated Stock: Each item is new and has been carefully selected from liquidated stock, ensuring they are in pristine condition and ready for sale.

Reseller Benefits:

High Retail Value: With retail prices reaching and often exceeding £500 per item, this job lot offers substantial resale potential, providing great profit margins.

Visible Inventory: The gallery image displays a full product list, allowing resellers to effectively view and plan their inventory management.
Cost-Effectiveness: Priced at just £48.00 per item, this deal represents an absolute bargain, allowing resellers to acquire premium designerwear at a fraction of the usual cost.

This "Wholesale Boutique Clothing Designerwear Hotdeal" is an excellent opportunity for boutique owners and online retailers to enhance their offerings with luxurious, quality designer pieces. With limited parcels, it's an ideal way to elevate your product range!

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