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Men's Ex Lacoste Designer Jeans Parcel

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Men's Wholesale Farah Designer Trouser Pallet

Regular Price £4,780.00 Special Price £1,980.00

400 Items Per Pallet

Men's Designer Trousers

Brand: Ex Farah

Assorted Styles

Great Variety|Colours

Sizes from 28 to 38

Price £11.95 Each

Availability: In stock

Men's Wholesale Farah Designer Trouser Pallet

Men's designer trousers

Brand: Ex Farah

Assorted styles

Each pallet has a variety of trousers

Also some cords, jeans and chinos in some pallets

Great range of colours

Farah is a good brand for men's trousers

Sizes  28 30 32 34 36 38

Absolute bargain! Plus Free Delivery!

Limited stocks...