Children's/Kids Branded Clothing Container - Top Down Trading

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21000 Items Per a Container 20ft

Kids Branded Clothing Mix 

Assorted size range from 3 months to 13 yrs

£2.35 Each

Wholesale UK Export Kids/Children's (boys-girls-baby) Branded mix Clothing Container. Another popular offer for export buyers. This container includes a great variety of styles and brands. Labels - the UK and European like H&M, M&S, Next, Geroge, Disney, WB, New Look, TU, Kiabi, F&F, River Island, Primark, Hello Kitty, Mothercare etc...  

Tops, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, sets, tracksuits, jumpers, pyjamas, hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts etc... a more precise description will be given with enquiries, and slight changes can be required for exporters, making it more suitable for there market demand, with styles and sizes.