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220 Items Per Parcel.

Mix styles/colours.

Kids branded denim shirts

Size from 2 yrs to 8 years old.

£1.85 Each No Vat

Free delivery to UK mainland

Wholesale Children's Branded Denim Shirts Parcel

220 Piece parcel

Wholesale kids branded denim shirts.

Mixed colours and styles for boys and girls.

Majority of the denim is Ex-Gap/Old Navy brand and you can find a few H&M or other brands.

These are factory seconds, although its new they are de-labelled from the brand owner however buttons and inner labels has brand.

Size range is from 2 yrs to 8 yrs.

Many colours (upto 10) and styles ( upto 80)-approx.

Mostly original denim tones like navy, blue, sky blue, black etc...

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