How the Fashion Industry is Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis

As January comes to an end, it’s only been little over half a month since the Chinese government warned its citizens — and the world — about the coronavirus. On January 31st, as the outbreak continues to spread, with more than 8,000 reported infections worldwide, citizens up to the news that WHO officially listed the coronavirus as a global emergency, elevating the situation from a China-only crisis to a global one.

In the past 17 years since the outbreak of the deadly SARS virus, China has become deeply integrated into the world economy, which has helped spread the coronavirus beyond the mainland, effecting a host of global industries, including travel, tourism, and retail. Additionally, economists have warned that the timing of the virus could send China’s already fragile economy into further turmoil, compounding the newly announced US-China phase one trade deal and China’s venture into a consumption-driven growth model.

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