Follow On Updates To Our Services


Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

We wanted to make a follow up update to give information about new and changing services at Top Down Trading.

Some Changes/Updates:


Our warehouses and showroom are now open for appointments to visit our showroom, collect goods from the warehouse or to view/inspect your order.

UK Orders & Shipments

UK mainland orders are still free shipping and approx delivery target on parcels and pallets are 2-3 days. Container orders 7-10 days packing lead time and delivery timescale will depend on your location. Collection service are available Mon-Fri from 10am-4pm.

Disinfecting and Keeping Safe

Disinfection continues...

While receiving your shipment if it’s a parcel please make sure to either disinfect the out layer of the box or leave it for 24 hours before handling it to be safe as transport companies handle goods with many hands touching them. Pallets are securely wrapped with shrink wrap so please make sure you get rid of the shrink wrap as you receive the pallet and wash your hands, the inner boxes will be safe and clean.  


We are available on email 24/7 > and you shall receive a response in 24 hours all being well. You can also text +447799737471 and we will give you a call back in working hours.


We have experienced some very slow returns process due to staff abcense, transport delays and disinfecting proceedures, we do apologise to all clients that has been affected. Please do consider that we are very low value priced and we need to keep work to a minimum level to continue providing you low price services. We specialize in bigger volume orders and smaller orders can be sometimes challenging with our business model.


If you are facing difficulties due to current market interruptions, please ask for help. Our goods move fast and if you want to place an order and you cannot recive it immediately (could be holidays, quarantine or space availability) you can place your order pay in full or 50% down payment and we can secure you your goods on hold for up to 3 weeks.


All payments are bank transfer only

Export Orders

Please make sure you check your country import requirements due to covid that there is no ban or new regulations or ask us to provide you a upfront service. We are shipping worldwide and many countries have a door to door service available.

New Service PPC-Pick-Pack-Collect

Due to high demand and your feedback we have now launched a visiting picking service for Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week from 10am till 4pm. You will need to book your visit. When you arrive you can pick available goods at the warehouse, pay and take them with you. All online offers are not available offline, and some offline offers will not be available online. Although you will have the chance to pick and buy single items and ratio pack goods too. The minimum purchase for picking orders require a minimum £300 spending.

Covid Visiting & Distancing

While visiting us due to new government regulations we do require all visitors to wear face coverings and to keep practising social distancing.


Unfortunately our website is still not fully updated with our new available offers due to staff absence, but we are trying to update as much as possible.

As you know we have high volumes and a huge range, so please make an enquiry and we can discuss and give you suitable info as needed.


Keep well and safe!

Best Wishes

L Sonmez