Covid 19 Updates On Our Services...! Clothes warehouse UK

Covid 19 Updates On Our Services...! Clothes warehouse UK

Covid 19 Updates On Our Services


Firstly I would like to wish all our clients and everyone the best of all to keep safe, well and healthy. Also I would like to give my best wishes to all NHS staff, healthcare workers, charity workers and the daily workers of transport, mail and food stores risking themselves on the frontline for the greater good of our country.

Yes this historic pandemic and its uncertainty is very severe but hopefully it will come to an end and I believe we will all come over this soon. Although the crisis, business still needs to survive and it’s very important to step up and continue trading in ways we can to contribute.

As Top Down Trading we would like you to know we are very grateful with all our clients and we will try and support you along the way through this crisis.

Some Updates:


Our warehouses and showroom have been closed for visits and viewing since 11th of March and will continue to do so till the lockdown is over.

UK Orders & Shipments

We are still taking orders and available shipments leave once a week, so UK mainland orders will still be delivered subject to availablity in approx. 7-10 days due to delays. No collection service is available at lockdown as you cannot visit premises also a staff will not be present.

Disinfecting and Keeping Safe

All our premises have been disinfected throughout and all our goods have been kept in isolation, no imports have been taken in past 3 weeks to keep our stocks possibly clean from any interruption.

While receiving your shipment if it’s a parcel please make sure to either disinfect the out layer of the box or leave it for 24 hours before handling it to be safe as transport companies handle goods with many hands touching them. Pallets are securely wrapped with shrink wrap so please make sure you get rid of the shrink wrap as you receive the pallet and wash your hands, the inner boxes will be safe and clean.  


We are available on email 24/7 > [email protected] and you shall receive a response in 24 hours all being well. You can also text +447799737471 and we will give you a call back in working hours.


Due to covid 19, till all lockdown measures are over unfortunately we will not be accepting any returns for safety reasons, however we will make arrangements for further dates after the crisis slows down. For this reason we are more than happy to discuss your order over the phone before it’s shipped to make sure everything is suitable for your requirement.


You can also place your order and complete your payment to reserve your goods and postpone your delivery as it suits you.


All payments are bank transfer only

Export Orders

Please make sure your country is accepting imports/goods, although UK shipping lines are still available if your country port is on a lockdown, you will not be able to clear your goods.


Unfortunately our website is not fully updated with our new available offers due to staff absence, but as you know we have high volumes and a huge range, so please make an enquiry and we can discuss and give you suitable info as needed.


Keep well and safe!

Best Wishes

L Sonmez


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