As Missoni celebrates its 65th anniversary, Vogue looks back at the story of the family-run fashion house and picks our favorite pieces from its autumn/winter 2018 collection.

“I'm a fighter, every single thing I see I have to find a solution," says Angela Missoni describing her approach to running her family's eponymous, storied fashion house, which this year celebrates its 65th anniversary.

"We never throw it away because we recognize the value in those materials and, from time to time, we use them to produce special projects," she says, referring to limited-edition patchwork pieces made from archive Missoni prints that have featured in the last two ready-to-wear collections. Before that, however, she was putting the extra materials to more unusual uses.

"There have been various different ones over the years and they've covered personal couches and furniture at home, and many other things," the creative director laughs, "but then recently I had the idea to use them in the collections, first in the winter and then for spring, to have those limited-edition pieces."

The process of making these patchwork pieces is more complicated than cutting from fabric all in one piece, but Missoni enthuses about the special, vintage quality it gives them.

"Upcycling plays an important role not only in the making of a collection but also in my personal life," she tells us. "Indeed, even though the design is one of my passions, I also love wandering around flea and second-hand markets in search of neglected items that I can then turn into something else, thus giving them a second life."

Photographer: Brendan Freeman. Stylist: Kelly-Ann Hughes. Art direction: Dom Kelly. Set design: Penny Mills. Hair: Josh Knight. Make-up: Irena Rogers. Production: Nicola Butler. Model: Hannah Shakespeare